White Birch Social Club (WBSC)

Whitebirch Social Club (WBSC) Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 10:00 am May 25, 2014 at the pavilion.

  1. Purpose of club
  2. Old business
  3. New Business: Ideas for Social events
  4. Fundraisers

1. Purpose of the club:
The purpose of the club is to meet new people and to get together with other campground owners for meaningful and fun activities.

2. There was no old business. Past activities were discussed, including:

Children's crafts on some Saturdays
Halloween costume contest and followed by a DJ dance
Children's scavenger hunt
Adult exercise programs (water stretch and flex; exercises with weights)
Pot Luck get-togethers
Music Jam session / open microphone
Pickle Ball court (in progress)
Chipping green (in progress)
Tacos in a Bag

3. New Business: Ideas for this season's social events: (Bold items need a sponsor)

Continue children's crafts on some Saturdays (Andrea H., Jessica)
Continue Halloween costume contest and DJ Dance (Dave & Pam A.)
Modify the Scavenger Hunt/ Letterboxing activity with more frequent rewards.
Modify Carnival to be more inclusive of all age groups (possibly “Olympics”).
Continue pool stretch and flex exercise program on M, W, TH, F (9:00 a.m.– Linda).
Continue Clubhouse exercise program with weights on W & F (10:00 am – Shirley).
Children Sponsored Lemonade Stand on campground yard sale days.
Have at least one more In-Park Poker Run or Bingo Run. (Dave & Pam A.)
Start a Quilting Group in the campground. (Carol O.)
Start 'self-running' activities (Thirsty-Thursdays get togethers) where no prep is needed.
Have a 'Pig Roast' in conjunction with some other park activity.
A suggestion was made for permanent name tags.

A motion was made, seconded and passed to contribute the funds from last year's road-sign sales to the AED fund.

4. Fundraising ideas:
Continue with Tacos in a bag
Contribution jar at each event
Stepping stones, trail benches or other similar material to auction off


In case you missed the meeting, here is a summary of the White Birch Social Club's (WBSC) first meeting on June 8, 2013.


- Purpose

- Ideas for social events

- Fund raisers

- Contact methods

The purpose of the club is to meet new people and to get together with other campground owners for meaningful and fun activities.

Ideas for social events:

Several very good ideas were discussed, including:

Target Audience: children 
Crafts – Some Saturday mornings
Halloween Costume Contest
Scavenger Hunt
Tether Ball
Water Wars (with Carnival)
Washer Board game

Target Audience: Adults
Adult Crafts
Dances (more of them, possibly themed)
Exercise Program
Pot Luck get-togethers
Pickle Ball Court (concurrent with mini-golf course construction)
Chipping Green
Bridge Club
Music Jam Sessions/Open Mic
Water Balloon Volleyball
Washer board games

Fund Raising ideas

Taco in a Bag (Campground owners can run this as a pot luck)

Ice Cream sales (Campground owners can run this)

Bake sales

T-shirt sales

Aluminum can collection / recycle

DJ the dances

Contribution jar at all social events

Contact methods:

By email:  wbvolunteernetwork@gmail.com

Blog site: http://breezywhitebirch.blogspot.com


Whitebirch Social Club

Would you like to meet new people? Or, get together with other campground owners for meaningful and fun activities? Then the Whitebirch Volunteer Network and Social Club might be what you’re looking for.

The purpose of the club is to plan, organize, and carry out activities in the park during the camping season. The club is run by volunteer campground owners.

In the past, activities such as: Saturday morning kid's crafts; the kid’s scavenger hunt; Halloween in August; Christmas in July; the children's carnival; Luau dance; golf cart drags; Saturday movie nights and many other activities have been planned, organized and carried out by just a few dedicated individuals. The club would explore ways to expand and improve those types of activities through a network of volunteers.

If interested in this volunteer opportunity, or just to see what is being planned, please join us on Facebook by:  sending a friend request to “Whitebirch Volunteer” or by sending an email to: